With beautiful natural eggs colors like these you don’t need to dye eggs for Easter.

Been making connections and finding inspiration in others stories as I let my feelers out into the world.

Some fun things:

A family friend, Beth Mathews especially if you are interested in graphic design but she shares many fabulous things, a big sweetheart…

From Beth I found this textile designer, sewer extrodinar and mother of six, Anna Marie Gorgeous color and patterns.

Locally, I had cut out an inspiring article about a darling colorful baby shoe designer, Chelsea of Chelsea-baby. She started out of her parent’s basement too and is blossoming right now! I was lucky enough to meet her down my street! Chance or fate:)

I had a meeting this week with a store. Although it wasn’t the right fit for the product I have now it made me prepare. I met a nice shop women with lots of high-end retail experience who gave me a lot of feedback and I don’t think will mind if I contact her with future questions. Learned about a cool high end site, twist with delicious jewelry! Thanks Amanda!

Nava Zahavi, who takes Byzantine, this Turkish flair of jewelry to another level!

Dolores Petunia, have been admiring her work for a long time! Colors, colors and quality funky pieces!

My friend Molly, a talented artist who is about to launch an Etsy store…patiently await but here is her blog for now,there there. You should be excited for her watercolors! Thanks for her critics and advice as well!

Mimi…hey girl thanks for the good eye and feedback!

To my mom and hubby for support and watching the bigs(our daughter) so much!


“Photos” is the Greek word for “Light.”

Our happy place to cool down

“Photos” is the greek word for “light”.

This fact makes me so very happy and makes so much sense! What I love about photography is how it helps you capture not only a point of view but the light. One of my favorite things to notice about our world…is the light…

When that sun is peaking up over our hills or setting down into the corn fields this is my favorite time for the light to come out and play. Low on that horizon line I curse if my camera isn’t right next to me!

Light gives color to the sea, sparkling or stormy.

Our very own Coppertone baby...

The above fact I actually learned from The Pioneer Women. This lovely lady who has made a website empire for herself all from her farm/ranch/homestead all the while homeschooling her (I think 4) kids…so much can be done on this world wide web! Definitely inspirational!

Also I downloaded some Photoshop Elements Actions from her and have a whole new medium to play in!

I love this one of this little one so much!

What do you think?

Also stumbled upon this rad couples photography, day19…awesome work!