My name is Emily.

The name of this blog is inspired by a Turkish expression of gratitude, “elinize sağlık” which literally translates to “Health to your Hands”. Voiced after someone helps you with their hands, a thank you for cooking you dinner, fixing your sink or crafting you some lovely lace.

I appreciate handmade, I hunt handmade, I support handmade, I like to work with my hands.

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an expat; an American gradually acclimating to my little family’s second home in Turkey.

Blessed with a baby girl, seen life circumvolve, endured much loss recently.

Been encased my whole life in love. Trying to give it back.

I am riding the roller coaster that is expatriatism, married, motherhood, with old expectations out the window. What is your roller coaster like?

Mixing this new self with the old I had felt so comfortable with…

I know Yoga saves lives.

Previously wrote at ohhhsweetturkey

Born in Minnesota. Know snow, lakes and sweet corn.

Played with materials in college; Applied Design with an emphasis in Fiber Arts from San Diego State University, California.

Finding new ways to create where old time is no longer available.

Currently live on the Aegean Sea just outside Didim, Turkey with my husband, our baby girl and a crazy German Shepherd.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. So I went to your previous blog about living in Turkey.
    Nice to read, as we are a Dutch couple living in Croatia (Dalmatia, half an hour’s drive from Split).
    The item about this delicious superthin bread stuffed with spinache got my attention, as overhere that is also made traditionally, dating back ages and ages.
    It’s called “soparnik”, and was for sure a heritage from the Ottomans (Turks) when they ruled this area also.
    They left, but lucky us, some of their marvelous kitchen was adopted by the locals here.
    And marvelous the Turkish kitchen is !!!!!!
    Kind greetings from Dalmatia (the best part of Croatia).

  2. Hi i stopped by your blog by way of Verity at the Light Garden. Lovely name for your blog, we live in Izmir with my daughter Ceyda age 3.Your daughter is gorgeous.

  3. Hi Emily, I stumbled across your previous blog while googling for something completely unrelated (or maybe slightly related) and it was a great read – so much love and kindness in your life, I’m sorry to read about the downsides of it, too. But with blogging becoming very impersonal these days, I found yours to be a gem. Thank you for sharing your life the way you have. 🙂 Much love from Singapore xx.

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