Lakes instead of seas…railroad tracks…

My little family and I left the Aegean Sea months ago…

I miss it!

The smell, the color shift depending on the mood of sky…from blues to greens to grays and back again…

that salty smell…

That vibrancy in that blue water where our daughter takes her name and spirit from…

But I love the lakes too.

I grew up with fresh water all around. Never has scared me that you can’t always see to the bottom.

My husband says he can survive here because there is still a big body of water close by.

Our Lake Minnetonka on a cloudy day…as the ice had just melted and fog floats by…

Things are still budding…

From every direction…

And there is still lots of fun to be had no matter what body of water it is next too.

Lots of fun to be had together…hand in hand…

Exploring whatever world you find yourself in…just throwing some rocks…

Momma had fun too…taking pictures of some of my pretty things…

I love the brightness of the gold compared to the dullness of the day, the gray weather, the gray steel, the natural stones and elements.

kisa kollections necklace

kisa kollections necklace

kisa kollections necklace

kisa kollections necklace

kisa kollections earrings

Kisa Kollections is now on facebook too…”like” us won’t you?

Slowly but surely getting my website up…web designing is hard!


Remember I heart those comments!


One thought on “Lakes instead of seas…railroad tracks…

  1. Oh man, those pictures are PERFECT!!!!!!!!! spectacular pop and really go with your mission.

    Also, I want that picture of the bigs rocking out her strips dancing on the tracks… love you and see you in JUNE!!!!! (hopefully)

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