Where have you been?

Hello darlings, Any of you out there who still may stumble upon this blog…

Where have I been? Well…

I suppose I was/am nesting…

Nurturing that hilarious two year old with the exploding vocabulary while growing another little one in my belly. Motherhood is a busy little existence.

We walk in the snow, pushing strollers or pulling sleds depending on that great truth of Minnesota winters; the weather. Relishing in this year’s mildness. Feed the squirrels and the birds. Dig in snow and dirt. Walk across frozen lakes. Pet puppies and drink hot chocolate.

Lots of cooking going on in my momma’s kitchen(She is sharing her house again with us); The inspiration that is her own elegant presence and wealth of knowledge she is mixed with piles of cookbooks and cooking magazines and yes folks…all in the English language:)

We needed recovery time from the craziness of the holiday season, although enjoyed extended family time while we waited for our own small family to be reunited, my mysterious Turkish husband that wooed me in his land almost 5 years ago…

I have a consistent yoga practice now and feel pretty rockstar about my chaturanga dandasana done on my knees with a big round belly.

As of a week ago we feel more complete because baba(daddy) has joined us in Minnesota after 3 long months of separation. For days baby girl had to ask him, “no going?” for fear he may leave. Now they just laugh together. The kind of child’s giggle he evokes from her makes you smile no matter your mood! So nice to be together…I steal kisses all day long…

As we are a united front again it is nice to feel like we can settle in a bit here. It is no longer a place to come on vacation and fit into the cracks of everyone’s everyday life. Attempting to make Minnesota the home base(for now…yes I did just write that). Get a routine. Get a plan. Take some action together. Support each other.

How are you?


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