I miss the chickens…

Our neighbors had chickens. We had our dog. All the spare vegetable peels, fruit peels, breads and grains went to feed the chickens. All the meat and macaroni leftovers went to the dog. Nothing was wasted.

As we were moving from Didim the neighbors were too. As the house is their summer house and were headed back to Izmir for the winter. They, yes this happens and is delicious, killed some for meat and some how shoved a few live ones in their Mercedes Benz with them to give to his brother for his farm…real characters to say the least and really nice neighbors.

They left one behind, purposefully so our daughter who had made a daily ritual of walking across the lawn to visit wouldn’t be without one to feed and “chat with” (or scold) as the above photo shows. Or they figured we could have a nice meal one night.

I miss the fresh farm eggs. Every few days my husband and daughter would climb into the little white topless jeep, (carseatless, I prayed everytime) and drive down the dirt roads to go get fresh eggs from the local farmers. It was their cute little ritual which they both loved. At the farms our daughter would pet big cows and their calves, watch the chickens run and scratch for food, feed baby sheep and goats and just have a little thing she did with her “baba”-daddy. I miss my husband.

I miss my husband. She misses her daddy. He misses us but we will all make it through. There is skype…

I miss the chickens, our dog who had to go live with another family, I miss only eating seasonal foods, I miss the freshness of the produce, the pazar where you buy it and being able to taste it all before you buy it!

I miss family and food…that’s what life is all about I guess…

That said I am not looking back about our decision to give MN a try…for the family and food here…

I realize now the huge food waste in this country, portion size is off the charts and everything is wrapped and boxed in copious amounts of plastic. No dogs or chickens to feed the excess to at my mom’s house(although of course we could have them again outside the cities limits) but the city of Wayzata does have a great organics composting program which she faithfully participates in.

All around good to be back and life changes take time to settle into…xoxo


4 thoughts on “I miss the chickens…

  1. You and little Mavisu are so lucky that you take such beautiful pictures that you’ll be able to look back on someday 🙂 She’s so funny and looks like she has a ton of character and personality!

  2. Love the photo…perfect! Change is a good thing but yes, can be an adjustment and time consuming…the reward will be endless and soon you will have your family all together!!!

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