Will the grass be greener on this side of the Atlantic?

So an update is…

Enjoying fresh brewed coffee, yogurt with my mom’s homemade granola, kisses and cuddles from gram first thing in the morning and throughout the day…

Our daughter and I are in Minnesota.

maples, mums and green grass everywhere

Translating my baby girl’s Turkish for my family members…she is already picking up more English but I never want her to lose her Turkish…

We are not so patiently awaiting news that my husband’s immigrant visa has come through (please hurry gov!).

Taking long walks. Crunching through fallen leaves. Admiring the lake instead of the sea. Smelling that fresh water not the salty. The colors. Fall here means reds, oranges and yellows. Crisp in the air is fresh…awaiting the snow but enjoying the sun…

We spent the past weeks cuddling with baba, babanne, abi and hal. Laughs and tears always…always bittersweet.

Saying goodbye to our sweet(at times crazy) German Sheperd…that was harder than I expected…we had to give her to my husband’s friend…a new home.

Packing up the house is always a pain but I never let myself feel completely settled there…completely at home…all this moving in my life makes it so much easier to get rid of STUFF…it’s just stuff and there were plenty of people to absorb it into their lives and put it into good use…How quickly we collect stuff…

We have unloaded the stuff we did bring into grandma’s spare room. Checking out what we had left behind from previous visits/years too…hoping to sell some stuff, I mean treasures, unique finds…

Baby girl is happily playing with some treasures grandma had tucked away for her from our youth…

Happily spending time with each family member…

Thinking about health insurance, cell phones and bank statements…settling in… hopefully just outside the rat race…allowing it to be a slow transition…don’t get too panicked…

Hoping and working towards a jewelry and accessory line. Collected inspiration and physical pieces. Now it is making the plan and making the time…making a space for it…grandma’s are the best babysitters.

Soon to come…silks, stones, gold, colors, vintage buttons, fabric finds, estate sale treasures, hand-printed scarves, oya that is Turkish lace work…combining the explosion that is my life into one cohesive line…

Will the grass be greener here?

Literally speaking it is and it is everywhere!

Figuratively…we’ll see…

“Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.”
-Roy M. Goodman-


One thought on “Will the grass be greener on this side of the Atlantic?

  1. Hope it IS greener! Good luck! And thanks for the stuff… 🙂 we kept some, sent some to earthquake victims in Van, gave some to friends and the rest to second-hand sales to raise money for good causes… nothing wasted, everything appreciated! xxx

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