1, 2, 3, 4, I declare a butt war…ready…begin!

So if you don’t know what that title means it might sound a little weird…

For those of you who know what I am talking about…so fun huh?

The above photo was captured by my hubby from behind the fence at our little resort town’s Luna amusement park. Amoungst the Ferris wheels and bumper cars there are 10 personal tramps fenced in and padded…loud music blasting all around…not so luxurious but was so fun as I hadn’t jumped on a tramp in way too long!

First I took our two year old out. So cute…of course. She loved the park, the lights, the sounds and the smells, her little jumping, jumping…

Then I gave her to her babaanne(grandma) and baba(daddy) and ran back for a real jump of my own.

I wanted to challenge someone to a Butt War so bad…ok what the heck is that you my ask?

Just this…find your opponent…each of you repeat the above titles mantra…you jump up, land on your bum, bounce back up, land on your feet and this cycle continues until some wears out, looses their balance, double bounces the other or laughs too hard and gets out of rhythm…good times.

Have you done anything lately that reminds you of your youth?


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