Light play and grabbing a snack from the fridge…

So I was sitting on the floor in our living room…on the computer I must admit…when my almost two year old comes smiling up to me and plops her little bum down next to me. I smile back when I realize she has a little yogurt snack pack in her hand with the top off…wait…what?

I didn’t give that to you? You father isn’t here? What the heck?…

This is when I realize she got it out of the fridge HERSELF…and proceeded to peel off the little lid and put the little lid in the garbage(one of her favorite things to do these days…that’s not new) with her little hands.

So this just opened up a whole new can of worms…my baby is growing up(everyday)…she can get snacks all by her little self now…but ekkk… must be even more careful where things go!

She also came in the door screaming Hiiiiiiii…just like I do when I come home…
melted my heart a little:) xo

Was reading a little Etsy Blog today. Came across a good read from Caleb Gardner, The Exceptional Man

We are currently witnessing the beginning of this process in a very real way, and I love knowing that my son is gaining an ever increasing awareness of the world around him. We’re teaching him new words every day, and I love the thought of those words being more than just sounds that identify something; they’re the transference of language into concepts, concepts into experiences, and experiences into his memories of us.

As my personal world was rocked upside down when I came to Turkey by the language barrier. I feel I can relate more as my little one tries to tell me what she needs or feels. You become more in touch with facial expressions, sense moods when you can’t just use your words. Good parenting is translating, ever attentive.
Even when you are on the computer:)

Good stuff to think about…

Can you relate? Do you have kids? Are you an expat?

Have you lost your words before?

Or found a new way to communicate?

Have you found a new way to see the world through language?

My dog is communicating downstairs…gotta go and play with her too:)

P.S. So the fridge had to have been left open…she is only two right?


3 thoughts on “Light play and grabbing a snack from the fridge…

  1. Emily she’s so cute! As you’ve written she must be growing every single day, And like a miracle each day, she proves that she’s becoming a little-big girl. Whenever you share something, we make a conversation about Mavisu and that reminds us how much we love and miss her. We are planning to drop by in the Bayram vacation if you’re around.Hugs and kisses…

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