Curiosity in the Park

My baby girl and little blue eyed “twin”…just learning to play together…

Bark is cool for sure!

love when she smiles at her mom like that…

and she’s off…more things to explore.

I spy…the sea…

much respect for the shade on a hot hot day…

That’s me in the corner…playing in the shadows…


7 thoughts on “Curiosity in the Park

  1. Emily–I so love what you see! And then share. And I just need you to know….your photos communicate here on a deep, soul-level to me…very affirming and reassuring…..thank you so much for that.

    Love you – kte

  2. Hi Emily! oh my.. your daughter has grown so much since the last time I read your blog! I like her set of curls. I love the moments you captured.You know that photo with the trees reminds me so much of Split. sigh.sigh.. Adjusting was difficult at first but being with family really helped. Can you believe that I felt overwhelmed by all the choices at the supermarket?!LOL so many selections of yogurts, fat free, organic, not organic,, etc.etc. But we have finally settled in our ‘home’ in colorado. Both of us have jobs and it’s back to being in the corporate world. (not my first choice but one has to work right?) I was so happy to hear from you.

    Ps. again love your photos. you do have a talent!

    • Elisa, I can imagine actually…the choices at the supermarket and the ridiculous portion sizes for everything! I bet it feels really great to be settled in! I think that has been my problem here in turkey we have just moved so many times and i have never fully felt settled here. Moving is a bit nerve racking yet exciting! We will be close to my family which is the real reason for us moving…and just a fresh start I suppose. I will have to work when we get back to MN. Be the bread winner for a while so wish me luck but i am considering photography? thanks for visit to my blog and you keep up your photography too if you can! Happy to hear from you also!

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