Pazar repetition


15 thoughts on “Pazar repetition

  1. Emily, I miss going to the markets in Turkey. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and bring me back there! Best wishes to you and yours!

    Jen Dahlstrom (Ladwig)

    • Jen…nice to hear from you dear! Seriously the markets just don’t get old for me either although I cooked there today! Glad you have found this new blog! Thanks for visiting!

    • Engin! Nice to hear from you! You know it is summer so the pazars are just exploding with fresh, gorgeous fruits and vegetables! The price is way better than whole foods! Are you in CA now? How have you been? Maybe you can find a farmer’s market there? I am sure you miss turkey too:)

    • We don’t buy them from the pazar either but we do get them from the farmer’s close by. Are you scared because they are left out unrefridgerated for who knows how long?

  2. Love your photo’s…… I LOVE the Turkish pazar’s. When we go to Izmir to visit my husband’s Mom and Sister I hang around those pazar’s with my daughter almost everyday where they are located on certain days. The fruit and veggies are so fresh and taste like they supposed to and not what we get from California or Mexico that takes days to transport. Just found your blog and love it. Thanks for sharing….:-)))

    • Erica, I know the pazars here really are a treasure! Cooking here has really made me get back to the roots of cooking, a simplicity of it. Looks like you have some good recipes on your blog. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I love visiting the Pazars in Turkey. There are some great ones on the Bodrum Peninsula, and I always end up taking a whole load of photo’s when I’m wandering around them.

    Don’t know if you seen this website — — you can submit a market photo and a link back to your blog. I added my Yalikavak market photo’s from my Bodrum Travel Site. It’s a great site to wander “virtually” around the markets of the world.

    Keep on Blogging and Photographing!

    Roving Jay

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