Treasure Hunting…

My visa was almost up so we rode out to Aydin; around and around from goverment building to goverment building keeping baby girl content with runs up and down, up and down the stairs and these…

Snow in a cup with cherry or mulberry syrup. My husband assures me that this is real snow from clean peaks on top of the mountains that they harvest in the winter and save for the peak of summer season. Yum!

I know pre-electricity/refrigerator times they would cut the ice from the lakes in MN and stuff the huge slabs in hay filled barns for the humid summers there (random fact via my wonderfact father-I miss you and these factoids…)

I remember opening the door when we were young scooping the fresh snow into plastic KEMP’S ice cream buckets with metal spoons and pouring orange juice all over it. Fun to eat and fun to watch the snow melt.

Then we heard about acid rain?

Anyways the pazar women I contacted initially about the lovely lace on their headscarves didn’t quite pan out. These women they know how to hustle. They work hard especially over the hot summer months and again they know how to make a buck. So although I had asked them if they made the lace themselves and they said yes these our ours, actually ‘ours’ translated to ‘our villages’ lace.

Long story short these connections didn’t quite work out and too much time lost in translation between hubby, them, me, my auntie…but my man knows I’m serious about the hunt…that is good.

Next we went off to my husband’s childhood stomping ground, Nazilli for a new lead…

We’ll see…met a few lovely ladies and got some info on some good villages…

The thing with all this hunting is that so many women need jobs in Turkey. Through Catherine at Bazar Bayar I found out about an organization KEDV, Foundation for the Support of Women’s Work. Rumisu sisters had some inspiration in their beginnings

The most awesome treasure hunter job I have heard of; the buyer for Anthropologie, Keith Johnson, Man Shops Globe on the Sundance Channel.

I am going to study this…


2 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting…

  1. Hello Emily!
    thank you for mentioning us 🙂 our second group of products are almost ready actually! we are very excited as we are working on the final details and figuring out how to have them professionally photographed. Your emotional and sincere support means a lot to us. 🙂

    On a different note, I agree with you on Keith Johnson’s job. It is a job to die for!

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