That lovely purple…

Summer has blown into the Aegean today. As May has come to an end and June heats up; the Mulberry trees shiny green leaves tousle in the wind while purple berries burst from every limb.

The furniture lives outside now as the rain have subsided. Strewn the carpets around the balcony. Tied up the Brazilian hammock. The swimming will commence now as a luxury but soon as a necessity.

I have become acquainted with Mulberries but more with their Turkish name, Düt as this is my third summer on the Aegean. Previously just wondered what they were from the children’s song, “All around the Mulberry bush the monkey chased the weasel…da na na na na na nana…POP goes the weasel”.

We normally just climb around like monkeys staining our fingers and faces a sweet purple. Popping a few berries as we gather for the little monkeys on the ground. Straining to capture that perfectly ripened fruit before the birds do. Testing our own flexibility as well as the tree’s branches.

This year I have decided to make jam.

I cut off the stems. Rinsed them and added a cup of sugar although (I was advised to put 1 Kilo-2.2 pounds…good lord.) Let the berries absorb the sugar. Boiled for 15 minutes. Placed the berries in a glass bowl with a thin cloth over the top. This prevent the dog’s hair and the ants from comingling with the concoction as it basks in the sun for 2 or 3 days.

When the berries come there is no stopping them, you feast for the few weeks. The few weeks as May comes to an end and June fires up.

There is still plenty left over for the ants as the ground below stains that lovely purple.


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